Bangor Area Breakfast
Bangor City Forest
Parking area on the Tripp Road
Bangor, ME  04401
United States
For/What:  Bangor City Forest – We’ll be cleaning up and making trail improvements alongside the City of Bangor’s Rec Department

With/Who: The Rotary Club of Bangor & The Rotary Club of Old Town and any interested spouses, families, any volunteers

Date: Saturday May 20th (which is the rain date)

Time: 9-11am

Meet: Parking area on the Tripp Road, just off Stillwater Avenue.  Location is about a mile past Target.

Why:  This is part of the Rotary Club of Bangor’s 2017 Centennial Celebration.  Each month they are taking on a community project to get Rotary members out to make a difference in the local area.  They need a lot of hands for this project so they asked us as well as the Rotary Club of Old Town to join them.